Developing the Clean Energy Potential of the Southwest

At the Forefront of the Clean Energy Transition

Agua Fria Energy develops utility-scale renewable energy and energy storage projects in the desert southwest. Through visionary leadership, deep industry expertise and strategic partnerships, Agua Fria sits at the forefront of the clean energy transition understanding the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels while doing so with utmost standards of excellence, environmental stewardship, and community partnership. 

Introducing Agua Fria Energy…

We Know the Southwest

As an affiliate of SouthWestern Power Group (SWPG) with offices in Phoenix and Albuquerque, Agua Fria has deep roots in the desert southwest and in particular in New Mexico and Arizona. Several of our team members come from multi-generational ranching families in the region with long-standing relationships in the local communities.

This team is uniquely qualified to harness the abundant resources particularly in the dynamic landscapes of New Mexico and Arizona, with a strategic focus on the region’s environmental characteristics and clean energy potential. By embracing the natural assets and geographical advantages of the southwest, Agua Fria Energy not only drives economic growth and job creation but also fosters a cleaner, more resilient energy infrastructure for communities throughout New Mexico, Arizona and beyond.

Harvesting the Resources of the Desert Southwest with Solar and Wind

Development Strengths

Visionary Leadership and Deep Industry Expertise

Project Assessment

Agua Fria carefully evaluates prospective sites for wind and solar development by evaluating resource potential, proximity to transmission, interconnection capacity, community support, and constructability. Our in-house technical team along with strategic partners prepare preliminary designs to make informed decisions on technology selection and system configuration to meet the criteria identified above. As a result, we make efficient use of our development resources by de-risking our projects and  focusing on the most promising project opportunities.

Landowner Relations

With a Real Property team comprised of individuals with multi-generational roots in the project communities, landowner relations are paramount to our development success and an area of competitive advantage. We take pride in the respect we show for the land and the people who own it, and tailor each land agreement to the specific needs of each landowner and property.

Power Marketing

Agua Fria has a deep understanding of the power markets in the desert southwest and is closely monitoring the evolving landscape of load growth, electrification, corporate and industrial customers, and western regionalization. Our Power Marketing team has strong relationships with the regional offtakers and experience proposing and negotiating offtake agreements to meet their ever-changing needs.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is our greatest responsibility. Our Environmental Permitting team conducts a comprehensive review of the local environment of our project footprints to minimize the possible impacts from the development of renewable energy facilities. This work includes field surveys performed by qualified specialists to understand the presence of wildlife, special status and protected plants, water features, archaeological sites, and other important resources. Our team carefully assesses these environmental factors, ensuring that our projects adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and conservation.

Government and Community Relations

Our Government and Community Relations team has vast experience in government and public affairs advocacy at federal, state, and local levels.  Our team develops strategies and implements plans to achieve support and approvals from governmental entities as well as the public at large.  We coordinate partnerships and develop team advocacy efforts in order to accomplish desired company, project, and stakeholder results.  Our efforts have resulted in substantially high levels of government support and we have an extremely diverse list of stakeholders supporting our projects.

Our team members have collectively developed over 5 GW of utility-scale solar and wind energy projects.

Meet Our Team

Taylor Davis


Taylor started his professional career as an electrical engineer performing modeling and analysis of power distribution systems. Taylor joined MMR/SWPG in November of 2021 as a Project Engineer, and currently supports the Engineering team for all of Agua Fria’s development projects. Taylor has a BS degree in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University.

Mark Etherton

Transmission / Interconnection

Mark Etherton is leading the transmission and interconnection aspects of all of Agua Fria’s development projects. Mr. Etherton is the founder of TransCo.Energy, LLC, a regional transmission and energy consulting group. He has 40 years of electric utility experience with responsibilities ranging from project management, system planning and analysis, protective relaying, substation design and communications systems, as well as approximately 9 years in utility supervision and management.

Mr. Etherton has been actively involved with the regional transmission planning organizations, including: WestConnect; Southwest Area Transmission Subregional Planning Group and its various subcommittees; independent power producers and the Arizona Corporation Commission.
Mr. Etherton earned a BS in Electrical Engineering (with an emphasis in Power Systems) from New Mexico State University. He has been a Registered Professional Engineer in Arizona since February 1990.

Cindy Freeman

Environmental Permitting

Cindy has been part of the SWPG development team since 2008 when permitting efforts were initiated for the SunZia transmission project. As the Environmental Manager for all of Agua Fria’s development projects, Ms. Freeman’s primary responsibility is oversight of all environmental evaluations and field surveys needed to support acquisition of federal, state and local permits and approvals.

Loralee Hunt

In-House Legal / Real Property

Loralee Hunt serves as legal counsel for SWPG focusing on real estate, mergers, acquisitions, and general contract negotiations. Over Loralee’s twenty-year legal career, she has developed a portfolio of real estate assets including the Western Interconnect Transmission Project, SunZia Transmission Project, RioSol Transmission Project, and associated generation assets including Agua Fria wind, Agua Fria solar, and the Broadview and Grady Wind Projects located in eastern New Mexico. Loralee and her team have assembled over 1,000 miles of transmission line right of way and over 600,000 acres of land to support over 3.6GW of renewable energy generation.

Dennis Loria

EPC Planning and Solar Development Lead

Dennis Loria is a seasoned energy professional with over 40 years of diversified experience in the energy industry. Dennis is responsible for Agua Fria’s solar and storage development and leads the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) aspects of Agua Fria’s projects. He has managed projects through the entire lifecycle from feasibility studies, permitting and approvals, detailed design, contract negotiations, financing, and construction. His experience extends from conventional gas-fired generation to renewable generation, energy storage, and transmission lines. He has been focused on renewable energy project development for over 20 years.

Dennis earned a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College and a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.

Leon Porter

Real Property

Leon Porter serves on the Agua Fria Project Development team in real estate development and Right of Way acquisition. He has extensive experience dating back to 2007 working with landowners, local, state and federal agencies in negotiating both wind energy lease and purchase agreements and transmission line easements. Leon has a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Business from New Mexico State University and a lengthy teaching and administrative career in high school and higher education institutions prior to entering the energy industry. He resides with his family on his ranch near Corona, New Mexico.

John Ryan

Government Relations

John Ryan provides executive leadership and strategic direction to Agua Fria’s Government Relations team. John has an accomplished record in government advocacy specializing in policy development, regulatory matters and building grassroots support. With a reputable career of over 35 years of combined service in Washington, D.C. and New Mexico, John has established an extensive public and private sector network.

On Capitol Hill, he specialized in energy policy development in the offices of the late Senator Pete Domenici and the late Congressman Joe Skeen. John also represented the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association during Congressional efforts to increase competition in the electric utility industry. Returning to his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, John Ryan was elected to the New Mexico State Senate in 2004. He was re-elected twice, serving a total of 12 years.

Ravi Sankaran

Power Marketing and Wind Development Lead

Ravi Sankaran leads Power Marketing and Origination activities for Agua Fria and serves as the wind project development lead.  Prior to joining Agua Fria parent MMR full-time in 2019, he worked in various roles in both renewable and conventional energy since 2003. Ravi was a Senior Director of Power Marketing for SunEdison for the US West for 5 years where he oversaw power marketing for a portfolio of over 600MW of solar projects that are now in operation. In addition Ravi led power marketing for the 1 GW Central New Mexico wind project delivered through SunZia to offtakers in Arizona and California. Prior to SunEdison Ravi spent 4 years in wind project development with Shell Wind Energy where he initiated what has now become the 3.5 GW SunZia New Mexico wind project.  Before Ravi entered the renewable energy sector he worked for the Entergy electric utility handling resource planning for Entergy’s 4-state utility system.

Ravi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Virginia and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin.

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